If you would like to volunteer to help the Parrot Preservation Society, please contact us via E-mail or through the US Mail. You can even help through the internet!

Contact Information:

Arizona Address:
Parrot Preservation Society
2023 W. McRae Way
Phoenix, AZ 85027
California Address:
Psittacine Breeding & Research Farm
Box 13, Point Arena, CA 95468 USA
PH: (213) 819-1723

Our Volunteers

Geoffrey and Barbara Gould
The Parrot Preservation Society is a fledgling group to which we bring our talents. Founded and Operated by Geoffrey and Barbara Gould who bring over 60 years of combined hard work and knowledge. Barbara started as a "backyard breeder" at age 8. Geoffrey observed, studied, and humanely collected wild macaws, without damage to parent birds or their nesting sites, leading to this farm's diverse genetic pool, from Columbia to Mexico in the early l960's

Tracey Westerhausen, ESQ.
Tracey brings legal advice and lots of needed resources. She is responsible for our first computer. She reminds those of you who think there is profit in bird breeding that they are actually a liability, not an asset.
Felipe Madrid, Jr
Felipe is our Spanish language translator, to further assist our Spanish speaking friends.
Paul Carter
Paul has assisted in setting up our original home page.
Gary Davidson
Gary previously volunteered his web site design services to the Parrot Preservation Society long distance from Texas via the "information superhighway" until his workload became too heavy. Gary also performs our French translations.
Dave Ferrise
Dave is our current webmaster, with occasional assistance from his wife, Liz and their 7 children. Dave runs his own company - Ferrise Design - specializing in web authoring services and consulting.
Special thanks to our translators:
Antonio Augusto Amaral Leitao      (Portuguese)
Thierry Duliere (French)
Giada Ceolon (Italian)
Barbara Corbia (Italian)
Anna Altissimo (Italian)

This web site survives only with donations