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Meet the Neighbors
A letter from Nicholas Turkey Ranch stating "We may only be neighbors for a short time..."


Barbara and Geoffrey Gould
22510 Windy Hollow Road
Pt. Arena, Ca. 95468

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gould:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my self. My name is Greg Music. I am the Production Supervisor in charge of our Pt. Arena ranch. I believe you have spoken with my colleague Scott Winchell while I was on vacation.

My ranch manager Miguel Barba informed me that last week one of your dogs had come over to the edge of our property. While it was not on our property, I need to inform you that we do not want your dogs on the ranch at all. Miguel has told me, that you told him, that if one of your dogs is loose on our ranch, that we may act to insure our bio-security. I however do not want that to happen. For if it does, the damage may have already happened. Since Nicholas turkey is a primary breeder, we can not afford to pass diseases to our customers. We may only be neighbors for a short time but we need to take every necessary action to insure that both our enterprises remain viable.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at 707-933-2914.


Greg A Music,
Production Supervisor,
Nicholas Turkey Breeding Farms

Clearly, if bio-security were an issue, it was Mr. Barba, who in trespassing on to our property, violated OUR security. He was not announced, or invited, and went directly from his barn to his truck, on to our property, and returned directly to his barns.

As the events unfolded, it became clear that forces within the county of Mendocino were working against our endeavor as early as June 22, and perhaps before. Although some testimony is being reserved for the judicial system, one point is to be made clear: A copy of the ORIGINAL COMPLAINT against us has never been provided, and as soon as that complaint was received, the county now contends that PARROTS ARE NOT AGRICULTURE, even though they gave us the green light for what we were doing. A letter to ourselves from P&Z Dated 7/27/99 says that :